An Ecumen Pathstone Living resident inspires others to overcome challenges and to live a life full of gratitude.

A Mankato woman has little patience for those who complain about their lot in life.

Helen Baughn says, “I was never teased at school.”

Helen Baughn says she had a normal childhood.

“I had best friends and best enemies.”

But for you and me, it may seem like her life is anything but normal.

Baughn says, “When I was three, I asked my mom why I had no arms. She told me that God had picked me because he needed a little girl with no arms. Wow! To be chosen by God. But then when I grew up I learned that everyone is picked by God.”

Even though she has overcome the obvious challenges, others would probably never cross our mind.

“The boys were never attracted to me at school and that was hard. But I had my friends.”

At a young age, Helen found a new passion…art.

“I had my four older sisters and we would play school and they put a pencil in my toes.”

From there, she’s now completed masterpieces with needlepoint and paint brushes. Although it’s hard for her to do it now at 84-years-young, Helen inspires others to live a life full of gratitude.

“I have little patience for those who go through life and say poor me.”

A message that goes hand in hand, or in Helen’s case, heart to heart, for those whose path she has crossed.